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Running Bantam Rooster


Carved from 1" thick Pine. Wings outspread.  Leather feet, comb, & wattles.

Approx. 11 1/2"h. x 12 1/2"l. x 6 1/2"w.


"A" Black/Silver/Green (pictured) or...

"B" Black/Gold/Red/Green

New running hen #RR02 $36.00

$42.00 plus shipping

Folk Rooster


carved form 1" thick White Pine with 1" thick wings added on both sides.  Leather comb & wattles.

13 1/2"w x 8"l. x 3"w.

Available in colors shown

A fine, upstanding addition to your collection.

$36.00 plus shipping

Bantam Rooster

#BANT1 (pictured)

Carved from 1" White Pine with 1" wings added on both sides.  Leather Combs and wattles.

11"h. x 10"l. x 3"w.

Available in all chicken colors (see below).

$35.00plus shipping

Bantam Hen


7 1/2"h x 7 1/2"l. x 3"w.

Available in all chicken colors

$30.00 plus shipping

Small Chickens

#SMCH (roosters pictured)

Carved from 1" White Pine.  All wooden.

4 1/2"h. 5 1/2"l. x 1"w.

Rooster & hens available in all chicken colors (see below).

$12.00 each plus shipping

Ham 'N Eggs

Pig & hen carved from 1" thick white pine.  Legs are 1/2" thick.  Ears and tail are leather.  Hen has wire legs.  The tiny egg is hardwood.

11 1/2"h. x 12"l. x 2"w.

Pig colors:

"P1" Black with white spots

"P2" White with black spots

"P3" Red with black spots

Hen colors: assorted

$42.00 plus shipping

see above for description

Skinny Rooster And Hens

item #:

Large rooster approx. 17" tall. Standing hen 13.5"tall.  Nesting hen 9.5" tall.

Price: Rooster $64.00 Standing hen $54.00 Nesting hen $50.00

plus shipping

Liz's Rooster

item #:

A description will go here

Approximate Dimensions


plus shipping


Chicken Colors:


#1    Red, gold, black & green

#2    Black & Mustard

#3    White with black dots

#4    Black with white dots

#5    Grey & Black barred rock

#6    Black

#7    White

#8    Golden buff


For an antiqued finish, add the letter "A" to the color number.



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